We live in an age where being ‘sick’ is the norm, from colds and indigestion to the devastating effects of diabetes and cancer. The hospitals are overflowing with people suffering from all sorts of illnesses and physical ailments, spending huge amounts of money on medications, insurance and hospital expenses, not to mention taking off from work.

Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical and health industries are getting very, very rich off of us! It’s a vicious circle of the food industry supplying us with foods that are bad for our health and the medical industry making a fortune treating our illnesses with expensive drugs and medications, but not addressing or alleviating the causes that made us sick in in the first place. What a racket!!

But we can’t just blame the food and medical industry, when the majority of us don’t take responsibility for our own health. We go along from day to day, stuffing ourselves with the fast foods and processed foods we should not be eating and living a life style that is, all too often, harmful to our health and when we get sick, we turn to the doctors and heavy medications for a quick fix to get well, but never search for information about how to prevent ourselves from getting sick and using the natural remedies that will bring us back to a normal state of health.

The majority of doctors in the medical profession, except for some holistic practitioners, are trained to treat our illnesses with drugs and medications. The side effects from these drugs are, for the most part, alien and can often be detrimental to our health, unlike the natural remedies our bodies need to correct our disorders for the long term.

This is where the special properties found in the ‘live nutrients and enzymes’ of lemons can play a major role in reversing, eliminating and preventing most of the illnesses and diseases that plague our society today.

Though, it must be stressed that this is only possible when lemon is taken in its RAW state! Once it is heated or processed above 120 degrees Fahrenheit, the ‘live enzymes’ that are so crucial for restoring and maintaining you health, are completely destroyed! This is the problem with most of the foods we eat on a daily basis.

We grow up eating food that is highly processed or heated in some way killing the live nutrients Nature gave us to live a healthy and long life. Instead of replenishing our bodies with the raw nurishment we need, we are feeding our bodies, essentially DEAD food! We’re talking serious health problems that arise from the buildup of this lifeless food and the toxins that must be eliminated.

Not only can lemon be an effective LIFE SAVER, by replacing over 80% of the common ‘over the counter’ drugs and medications found at your local pharmacy, but it is an incredible MONEY SAVER! All you need for most of you health and sickness issues is the simple combination of ‘Lemon and H2O’!! How cheap is that?!! And water is FREE!! It will help to heal everything from an upset stomach to arthritis and even reverse the stop the insidious growth of cancer.

I go into more detail about the amazing benefits derived from Lemon Juice on the ‘LEMON CURES’ page above. Be sure to check it out. I drink 3 or 4 glasses a day. So “Here’s To Your Health”!!