Lemon Cures

Lemon Cures

When you buy a car, the last thing you want is a ‘Lemon‘, but when it comes to your health, a lemon becomes your Best Friend and can literally Save Your Life. 

Few people know about the Miraculous Healing Properties that are contained within the juice of this little yellow fruit and when combined with water becomes a powerful ‘medication from Nature‘ that will prevent and eliminate most of the illnesses and diseases that plague our society today—from the common cold, sore throats, flu and indigestion to the life threatening and debilitating effects of arthritis, diabetes and cancer.

Not only is lemon a life saver, but it also a huge money saver, by eliminating doctor bills and medications you buy at the pharmacy. About 90% of all ‘over-the-counter’ drugs you purchase at your local pharmacy, can be replaced with Lemon Water and provides a completely ‘natural remedywithout all the bad side effects that you get from taking many of these drugs. 

One amazing property of lemon is the ability to normalize and balance your body’s PH factor, turning it slightly Alkaline. Though lemon is an acid fruit outside the body, once inside the body it turns into an Alkaline ash, balancing the body PH to slightly alkaline, which your body should be for optimum health. A sick body is an over-acid body!

Lemons are also an excellent way of losing weight! With all the crazy and expensive diets that are out there, why not go with the weight lose diet Nature provides you. Dr. Mandell explains about the many ways that the juice of lemons can heal you and keep you disease free throughout your life. Also watch the video of Dr. Zambrowski. He also explains about the many benefits of Lemon Water and all the ways it can improve your health.

Also watch my video on ‘Stay Healthy With Lemon’, which shows how the Miraculous Healing Properties of lemon can ‘Save Your Life’.