We are a website that informs the public about the health benefits of eating our food in its raw natural state to preserve the nutrients and enzymes that our bodies need to maintain optimum health.  Eating raw foods is a simple way to improve the life style and eating habits of most people, like myself, that are raised all their lives on cooked foods.  Even substituting one or two raw food meals for a cooked food meal during the day, will make a big difference in the way you look and feel.

We’re not talking just celery and carrots here.  There is a whole gourmet food industry with raw food chefs, making the most delicious and tantalizing dishes imaginable, combining nut based recipes for everything from ice cream to delectable sauces for casseroles, substituting squash for pasta dishes and a multitude of desserts, including pies and cakes that will have you coming back for more! 

Our body is a living organism, so it just stands to reason that the foods we give it should be in a living form, unaltered by heat or processing of any kind. Unfortunately, most of us grew up on cooked foods and most of us had our share of colds, flues and other illnesses throughout our live. We can rid ourselves of many of the diseases and illnesses that plague us by replacing cooked and processed foods with foods in their raw natural state, replete with all the nutrients in a perfect balance the way that Nature formulated them–NOT MAN!!

This would eliminate our need for supplements to replace the loss of nutrients with cooked foods. After all, Nature has provided us with all the vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and other essential nutrients, in the proper proportions our body needs for optimum health. One very important factor for keeping our foods in their raw form, is that all of the ENZYMES (catalytic protein molecules), so essential for keeping us ALIVE, must themselves be ALIVE to carry out their vital functions throughout every cell in our body. They are the LIFE FORCE within us–much like the electrical force that keeps a battery alive. Just as a car can’t run on a DEAD BATTERY, so too, our bodies can’t exist with DEAD ENZYMES! Food heated above 120 degrees Fahrenheit will render enzymes LIFELESS!!

The truth is, it’s not easy switching from a cooked food diet to a raw food diet, mainly because cooked foods are addicting and our body craves the cooked foods that we are so accustomed to. So we suggest to start substituting a cooked meal with a raw food meal during the day and gradually make the raw foods about 50 percent of you diet. For all you ‘fast food junkies’ out there, grab a salad once in a while, instead of a double cheeseburger! Eventually, you can work your way up to a 100 percent ‘raw diet’. One thing you will discover if you do go 100 percent raw, is that your craving for cooked foods will disappear and your body will only crave raw natural foods, not to mention the elimination of the common illnesses and diseases we deal with on a daily basis. Instead of being a FAST FOOD JUNKIE, you’ll become a healthy happy RAW FOOD JUNKIE!!